Face Painting Testimonials

''I just wanted to thank you so much for today, cannot thank you enough, you were brilliant and the children loved having a face paint or tattoo. I will keep your details for future parties and I will be recommending you to friends and family''

Ellie, Paul and Darcey Clemans, Warwickshire

''Thank you so much for today - everyone was so impressed. You are excellent at what you do.''

Loriel, Coventry

Canvas and Mural Testimonials

''The first thing which struck me as different was how she creates the fundamental composition from a blank white canvas. In my commissioned painting 'Blue', there seemed to be a dynamic interplay between her emotions and the depth of colour she developed on her pallette that produced a very meaningful abstract painting. I can see the movements still in the art work as fluent as when she was creating it. I was also amazed to see how she used different techniques to add color, contrasts and highlights to the artwork. She creates a very deep suffering in this painting with just one tiny red drop, crossing the canvas and drawing attention to the blue part. This part of painting is my favorite; it shows and says a lot about our lives and feelings. I see it as her interpretation of life's key moments, pain and love, through a very effective abstract painting, done in a totally modern way.''

Ahmad Moslemifar, 02/04/2012, Coventry

"I've always wanted to have original art work and now with this self-potrait I feel I have a piece that can live alongside paintings with several more zeroes at the end of the price tag. I love the way the hair streams across the canvas, the tansluscent quality of the finish and the beauty of the face. I have already added a further painting by June to my collection and hope to add more in the future."

Hanna Khamis 08/10/2011 Coventry

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